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I’m Vicki, and I like to think about technology in all sorts of different ways. At work, I’m a data science consultant working with a wide variety of different companies, so I view tech from the lens of how it works for different companies, and through data. I like thinking about larger trends and noodling over what they mean for us all.

Recently, someone said that I owned the Normcore Data Science niche, and I think this is the truest description of my general M.O. that I’ve seen.

My personal background is very much rooted in the post-Soviet immigrant experience, and I view a lot of what I do through that lens, as well.

Other things I’m interested in: how systems work, online advertising, Moana, and the deceptiveness of our public personas.

This newsletter is meant to offer interesting links and discussion that we are all starved for in a desert full of tweetstorms, hot takes, and clickbait culture. I’ll likely do a short couple paragraphs of thoughts on tech issues that don’t fit into Twitter, and then some links, twice a week. I’m not trying to be a hero here. I have a preschooler and am six months pregnant. You have five million other emails. My goal is to keep these to half an hour to write, and less than 20 minutes to read.

Finally, this thing is still in beta phase, as the tech bros say. Keep me honest here. Thanks for playing, and please send me any feedback (suggestions for links, thoughts, etc.) at vickiboykis+normcore@gmail.com.


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